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Top Ten Ways to Teach Ethics to Your Kids

In a consumer-driven association that broadcasts ethics you don't authorize of, how can you teach principles to your kids? Here are ten ideas to help you:1. Tell them your life stories and teach by means of your storiesKids love to hear stories about your childhood.

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids

Are men to blame for the break up conundrum in this country?It's been said that one of the reasons for the high rate of divorce in this kingdom is the comportment in which men decide on their wives. Specifically, they decide on their wives in a create similar to how they decide their next car.

Spare the Child, Ditch the Rod

Spare the rod, spoil the child!This philosophy's been about a long time.In fact, a study done by Zero to Three, a nonprofit child-development group, found that 61 percent of the adults who responded, condone spanking as a consistent form of punishment.

Dads, Give them Household Chores

You have a chore to do about the house, and your kids want to help out. You know it might be nice for them to help, but you're affection a bit impatient.

Raising Beefy Daughters

When my daughter was born, I must admit there was a definitely another atmosphere to it. Part of me was thrilled, but part of me was unsure of how to deal with a gender I still couldn't quite understand.

The Belongings of Televised Sexual At ease on Adolescents

According to a September 2004 study by the RAND Corporation, "Adolescents who watch large amounts of tv containing sexual content are twice as expected to begin engaging in sexual intercourse in the subsequent year as their peers who watch a small amount such TV." In addition, the General Institutes of Health-funded study found that these children's sexual activities was akin to those young people who were 9 to 17 months older, but who watched only be an average of amounts of TV with sexual content.

Parenting Failure? It May Not Be All It Seems!

I'll never not remember my first class in a glider.I'd been concerned in gliding, or high-ceilinged as it's known in the USA, for some time - and now the big day had arrived.

Parenting Your Teenager: But each else gets to do it!

Q. We are in receipt of to the stage with our kids where they are befitting teen-agers and are asking for more and more privileges.

Parenting Your Teenager: The Trust Issue

Q. How do we choose what our teens ought to be able to do? How do they earn trust and responsibility?A.

Kids And Everyday jobs - Make It Easy On Yourself!

My neighbours' kid impressed me the other day.I was busy painting the patch fence, when their ten-year old son came out with the vacuum cleaner.

Teaching Admiration And Ethics In Todays Society

The girl's jaw dropped in horror as the control bureaucrat spoke these words:"Don't go there. Have you any idea how many kids have been stabbed in the past year? They'll kill you as soon as look at you.

Two Means Trouble

You have two kids who are 14 months apart. How cute, they look alot alike.

Whats Mine Is Mine

You are at the grocery store with your daughter and she pulls out her hard-earned fifty cents and begins to buy a candy. Your son is at home with his soon to be step-Dad and fifty cents is jingling in your pocket.

MORAL ARMORS Irrational Parenting, Part III

Not Leasing Them Think.We all implicitly know that no matter which questioning the administer of cognition itself will be met with colossal irritation, creation us want to counter with "Don't difficulty my amount to think.

Parenting Your Teenager: What Parents Say About Teens

What is hard for parentsLetting them learn from their mistakes.Trying not to fix their problems.

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