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Top Ten Ways to Raise Emotionally Gifted Kids

Having a high level of emotional astuteness in your offspring is the best way to guarantee that they live a happy, successful, and conscientious life as an adult. Here are ten ways to help your kids attain a high grade of emotional intelligence:1.

Ten Reasons to Tell your Kids Stories

In today's busy world, many parents have lost the art of effective their stories to their kids. Here are ten reasons why these stories are so beneficial:1.

Exposing the Damage: TV and Kids

There are millions of young brood in this country who are being appallingly badly treated by their parents.These parents aren't physically abusing their young children, and they may not even know that they're mistreating them.

Simple Existing in a Grasping World

We were meeting in the breed room. My kids had complete their first day back at drill after the festival break, and my wife was operational late.

Dad, Go Ahead and Cry

She slipped her small, soft eight-year-old hand into mine. Her face was lit up with joy.

Im a Father, Doesnt Anybody Care?

The snow was receiving heavier with each lift of the shovel. My back ached, and I was cooled to the bone.

Top Ten Customary Sense Rules for Fathers

There are a lot of advanced parenting theories and techniques out there. Many of them are commonly used and treated as the gospel.

Dads, Alias your Kids Mistakes

One of the most awkward parts of being a father is knowledge to acknowledge your children's mistakes. It certainly can be easy to be loving, supportive, and accommodating when your offspring are mistake-free, but most fathers who are paying interest don't find too many mistake-free periods of theirchildren's lives.

Poker Parenting: 4 Ways Poker Skills Be the source of Parenting Thrills

Even as a busy parent, I'm sure you've seen a poker show on TV or at least heard your links or relatives conversation about it. You might even be a big cheese who's jammed up in the poker craze of the past two years, riding the wave of a steep erudition curve.

The Old and the New

During one "generation gap" clash with his parents young Michael cried, "I want excitement, adventure, money, and delightful women. I'll never find it here at home, so I'm leaving.

Bad Boys/Good Boys (Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Being An Insensitive Dad)

I WAS AMAZEDI could only just have faith in what I was hearing. A priest and his son had entered the men's room.

Hearing Our Badly Distressed Adolescents

The distressed juvenile often has feelings of abandonment, emotional detachment, withdrawal, and isolation. These offspring begin to acquire an intense anger aimed at towards an adult citizens that they feel has hurt them and does not appreciate them.

What Are Your Family Exceedingly Watching?

Saturday mornings. Cold puffed rice and Scooby Doo.

Top 10 Mistakes by New and Eager Dads

From criticizing a spouse, to claming up about one's own feelings, there's no dearth of mistakes made by new dads and dads-to-be.Here's a Top 10 List of New Dad Mistakes and some suggestions on how to make the transition to maternity a bit smoother.

Child Separation Anxiety: Does Your Child Have It?

If you are a parent, then more than expected you may face the collective badly behaved of separation disquiet in your child. What closely is child separation anxiety? In a nutshell, this is the type of disquiet or stress your child may come across when you leave him/her alone and they get upset or cry due to the separation involved.

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