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A sure way to bend in half the joys of motherhood is to give birth to twins! You'll have twice the smiles, goos & coos, giggles, and firsts (first words, first steps, first burps. . . ) But for many soon-to-be parents of twins, once the excitement wears off, the math sets in. . .

Suddenly you find by hand with twice the dirty diapers, twice the mouths to feed in the average of the night, twice the formula to buy. Then, there are twice the fashion and booties to get. You'll need two cribs, playpens, baby swings. . . The next thing you know, alter ego the fun has bowed into triple the pecuniary stress.

But already you begin pulling out your hair and pawning the ancestors keepsakes, read on. Many rewards and incentive companies out there accomplish that oftentimes, parents of twins need an extra break. They offer coupons, freebies, discounts, free stuff for twins and many other incentives.

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