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What to do with a 6 year old smart mouth know it all - parenting


Just the other day, I was chatting to some other stay at home moms and asked if they were struggling with any difficulties. "Yes," one piped up just about immediately, "discipline tribulations with my 6 year old smart mouth know-it-all! I don't want to spank, and don't, but he seems to laugh at time out, privilage loss, etc. What do I do?"

Ahhh. . the joys of freedom in children. I have found in functioning with children that when destructive penalty are obligatory (loss of privilages, time outs, etc. ), they cleanly do not work. My counsel and what I try to do is to always let the child have a array in the be relevant at hand. For example: Your six year old (and any age for that matter) is not listening to you. You are asking him/her to pick up their room. They are ignoring you and doing what they want to do. As an alternative of axiom "if you don't eavesdrop there will be a effect (time out, loss of privilage, etc. ) Try rephrasing and axiom to your child, "Boys/or girls that want to watch box later will have their room clean inside the next twenty action (or at all time frame inside basis for you). Make it a positive assertion in its place of a damaging one. You can also use any type of reward, it doesn't have to be t. v. privilages (a snack, time beyond playing, phone time, game time, etc. )

This modus operandi also allows your child to make a assessment in their own fate. If they elect to eavesdrop to you and clean their room, then they watch television. If they decide not to listen, then regrettably they do not get to watch television. Leave it simple. I know as a neat freak in my opinion that to leave the room messy for your child is HARD!! But easily say to your child, I am fine with your assessment not to clean your room, unfortunately, you also have made the decision not to watch tube also. The key here is to stay clam and positive about the choice that they have made and walk away.

Of avenue you are bound to have tears and clarification appearance your way about not letting the child watch television. Again, keep it simple, prompt your child that they did have a alternative to clean their room and watch t. v. or to not clean their room and not watch t. v. Be reminiscent them that you love them and are fine with their choice. After a few times of construction the wrong choice, family ultimately will start assembly the beat alternative for them. The key to your achievement with this is to stay calm and positive.

Remember to at all times stay clam, and positive, no affair how hard it is!

Tammi Kauppinen is a proud stay at home mom with five amazing children. After graduating from the Academe of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a gradation in Exclusive Education, she certain to find a way to stay home and raise her children. That hasn't kept her from functioning with kids! She has run an in-home day care for ten years, worked in array of instruct districts with family with elite needs, acted as a care for mother to teenage boys and as a breathing space giver for other bring up children. She continues to work with brood - as well as her own - on a daily basis and publishes a weekly email on stay at home mom tips. To sign up for this FREE assistance go to http://www. stayathomemominc. com


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