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Theres a lollipop on your foot (and other terms of endearment) - parenting


"I took care of Callie," my three-year-old announced.

Callie had been first with that a small amount whine that babies adopt to alert mothers and sisters that their new crawling tricks have them jammed after the furniture. But the humming had stopped--rather out of the blue it seems in retrospect.

"Thanks, Cassie. You are such a big help," I said. "How did you cope that?"

"I got her a beer. "

Sure enough, Callie was still blocked after the table, but now she was favorably gumming the cold charming side of a Newcastle.

Because I sought after to think that Cassie went for the beer in the fridge because she imagined how good it would feel on her teething sister's sore gums--and not for the reason that she deems it some sort of panacea--the whole thing got me laughing (after I took away the beer, of course. ) Then it got me accepted wisdom about which of my contacts would laugh about this story along with me. And which would sort of disapprove.

I guess that groups my mommy associates into two camps: one camp that can hear me beseeching with my kids, "Please don't lick the carpet," and they don't say a word (or advance yet, they laugh). And the other camp, which thinks that's beautiful gross.

For me, if a kid gets out of a car, and she has a lollipop stuck to her bottom, I know, instantly, that her mom is a friend. And the contrary is true, too. If you've got any add up to of kids under the age of four and your car doesn't intermittently stink, you almost certainly make me a a small amount nervous.

In all of our hard work to prove our own Supermom skills, let's remember that it's every so often fairly appealing when we can't. To commit to memory that may be to regain a lot of energy and a lot of time.

Susie Cortright is the break down of http://www. momscape. com - an online magazine caring to plateful parents celebrate life with children. She is also the initiator of Momscape's Scrapbooking Playground: http://www. momscape. com/scrapbooking Visit her sites today to subscribe to Susie's free weekly newsletters and to learn more about her baby book club and her work-at-home book business.


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