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Parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers: 7 common laws - parenting


1. The Law of the Beast

As parents we need to keep in mind that we are raising our teenager while we raise our toddler. They are effectively the same beast.

2. The Law of CPR

Having barely to do with cardiopulminaryresuscitation, the law of CPR states that we need to be Consistent, Challenging and Persistent with our kids.

3. The Law of Words

Our diminutive ones need to be trained to "use their words, not their hands" when production with conflicts.

4. The Law of Mine

In the world of a young child all is mine. If I am live with it, it's mine. If you are in concert with it, it's mine. If I played with it former times and go bored with it, and you play with it today, it's mine!

5. The Law of Sharing

It's very critical to teach our family to share. At the same time, it's just as crucial to appreciate that asking a small child to share their toy is like asking one of us to share our car or house!

6. The Law of the Team

Each mother brings a exclusive set of skills to the job of parenting. The goal is not so much who is right, but how do we form the best parenting team we can form. As I like to say "we don't have to think alike, we just have to think together. "

7. The Law of "Solid Walls"

"Have you ever walked thru a solid wall?" Of course of action not. But what if one day you tripped into a solid wall and went right by means of it, unharmed? Wouldn't you be tempted to try it again? It's the same with parenting- when kids get it that mom and dad are "solid walls' when it comes to supervision behavior, the less possible they are to try to walk thru you.

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