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Is my child lazy? - parenting


Is there a discrepancy among lazy and unmotivated? Why do some family move as if in slow motion? Is this customary or are they just annoying to bother you? You may be bowled over to learn that a great many factors come into play when a child appears to be lazy; stage of growth, hormones, hunger, motivation, lack of clear guidelines and maybe even sleep deprivation.

I have never qualified my workshop of "Kids, Errands & More" when there hasn't been at least two parents of 11 year old boys nostalgic that their sons are so lazy. Actually, they aren't lazy. They are growing. It takes so much energy for young boys to build muscles, long bones etc. that they don't have much left over to run the vacuum or take out the garbage.


I also found, with our son at that age, that what I regarded as an line challenge was solved a bit by building sure he had a lot of food and enough rest. He was budding so fast that it took many more calories to just get all through the day than it had months before. It was a real eye opening to us to find that he desirable 3,000 calories a day and ten hours of sleep.


While no two offspring and their families are accurately alike, cautious studies and hearsay of thousands of average kids have made it doable to rather keep an eye on the ages and stages of a developing child. While doing examination on motivating kids to help at home, it was clear that parents were frustrated by the lack of compliance to pitch in and do their share of household maintenance.

In my books and workshops I stress the meaning of evaluating the physical, mental and emotional levels of each age group. Perchance the task is too hard, or even too easy. It may be that your child is overwhelmed by the assignment or even unchallenged. Surprisingly, brood like a endeavor that they can accomplish something with but that allows them some creativity. So as a replacement for of just assigning the dishes to be unloaded, how about asking for the dish cupboards to be cleaned and rearranged.


Parents habitually grumble that the family are not doing their tasks, but what they actually feel is that they are not being done "the right way" which is their way. When the child knows that the blood relation will complain, redo or assess the work, it is easier to not start. While it is not necessary, nor decent to praise work that is done sloppy, it is not our job to redo or to analyze the worker. If the job truly belongs to the child, then allow them to do it in their way.

In any new endeavor, it takes about five months of consistent, daily attention already it becomes computerized action. In order to alteration habits, we may have to try many atypical tactics. Offspring by far develop into bored, and we forget to be a consequence through.

Most family bloom on structure, everyday and schedules. When we set restrictions and realistic expectations it gives a sense of confidence and boundaries which are in point of fact consoling to the child. Many parents, me included, often think our brood abhor confines as they test them so often.

However, family are just difficult the boundaries and rules as they seek everyday assurance that we mean what we say and are geared up to enforce the limits. Hopefully, we have discussed the rationale of said restrictions in a category commission and there is a clear appreciation of the rules and cost and they appreciate that our role is not a slave driver, but instead a kind and loving close relative who will give loving guidelines which will deepen their life and teach them to self govern.


Many of the exasperating equipment a child does on daily basis at home come about since the child doesn't know any better, is incapable of management the task or since he or she is demanding to get our attention. If we can blend apt operational ethics with assured and heartening attention, our homes are bound to be more functional and happy.

So, don't give up! Be firm to work as a breed to befit more aware of what needs to be done to keep daily life in a row smoothly. Make a conscious crack to assemble the tools, learn new skills, attempt innovative methods and face each day with a activist anticipation that you and your ancestors will succeed.

Good luck and God bless. You do the most crucial work in the world.

Judy H. Wright, Father Educator

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This condition has been in black and white by Judy H. Wright, a father educationalist and PBS consultant. You will find a full citation of books, tele-classes, and workshops programmed at www. ArtichokePress. com. You have consent to use the condition as long as full belief is given to author. She may be contacted at 406-549-9813 or JudyWright@ArtichokePress. com


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