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Parenting your teenager: what teens say about parents - parenting


What's hard for teenagers

Having ancestors who don't be au fait with you annoying to be in charge of you.

Parents not accepting the clothes you have to deal with.

Having to deal with school.

Being acknowledged by friends.

Having a big cheese especially close to you leave you.

Being blamed for approximately all since we are teen-agers.

Living with broken up parents and having no say in where you go.

Dealing with boy/girl friends.

Trying to deal with a father who doesn't want to appreciate and take time to eavesdrop to your comments.

Not being financially independent.

Meeting parents' expectations and never being good enough.

Knowing your parents are right.

What's best about being a teen

Getting away with immature behavior.

The attempt to try new things.

Having your whole life ahead of you.

Youth, energy and time.

Lots to look advance to.

Getting a driver's license

Almost being done with school.

Friends and relationships.

Not having to work.

Summer vacation.

What parent's don't understand

Our schedules and our community lives.

That restrictions don't work and conversation does.

We're old a sufficient amount to make our own choices.

We need to have our abandon every once in a while.

That we make mistakes just like they did.

Grades aren't the only thing I'm good for; I can make you proud by just being me!!

We love you even if you aren't around.

Threats make me fear you, not accept you.

What the world is like now, not what it was like when they were kids.

We have feelings, too.

Their words can hurt especially badly.

It especially is hard to live in a category where your judgment doesn't count.

We absorb trust isn't cheap but we have to learn some equipment for ourselves.

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