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Parenting your teenager: what parents say about teens - parenting


What is hard for parents

Letting them learn from their mistakes.

Trying not to fix their problems.

Learning to trust in ways I've never had to before.

We hurt when they hurt.

Being lied to.

Trying to carry on to discipline.

Having the effect ``fit the crime. ''

Hearing ``you don't understand'' over and over, when in fact you exceedingly do or want to.

Letting them make more of their own decisions.

What is best about being a parent

There's more time for for my part since they can take care of themselves more.

Learning, growing, varying and increasing with them.

Watching them grow and mature.

Guiding them in decisions.

Feeling proud of and distribution in their accomplishments.

Hearing ``I love you Mom/Dad. ''

Knowing that soon they will be adults who don't live in my house.

What teens don't yet understand

We try to do what we think is best for them.

We have other belongings in life we want to do also what they want to do.

Parents at times make mistakes.

Sometimes we disregard or adjust our minds.

How much we love them.

Parents want to keep kids from in receipt of hurt, physically and emotionally.

We have feelings and needs, too.

We are adults.

I feel a conscientiousness to teach him how to take care of himself when he is on his own.

Although equipment may be another now, we have gone all the way through some of the same pressures and challenges and want to absorb and be there for them.

We have a dream for your coming and what you can be, but we still love you just as much when you make mistakes.

We get angry when we are disappointed.

How much of a challenge being your father is.

We want respect.

We want them to have a advance life and not have to work as hard as we do.

Understand the stress that comes with the giant conscientiousness of parenthood.

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