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Corolle Paul or Emma Drink-and-Wet SET potty dolls

This is the very best potty doll we available. This potty doll is a much advance value than faintly cheaper potty dolls as it functions perfectly, and will linger a great toy when you are buffed potty training. Payback include:

Potty doll is all vinyl and vanilla scented.

Potty doll is apparatus washable.

Potty doll has an domestic bladder that responds to bulldoze exerted on the tummy.

He/She potty doll drinks from her baby jug and will piddle on her potty.

He/She potty doll comes with removeable clothing, Disposable Diaper, Pink Potty Chair, Bottle, Pacifier.

Serves as an effectual Potty Guidance Tool!

The boy and girl potty doll are two all the rage items. Their rainproof vinyl bodies are 13 inches tall, assembly them appropriate for bathtime and beachtime. Each doll comes absolute with a hooded terry towel and play potty, along with a bottle.

Boy doll wears and blue and white equip and has a light blue potty.

Girl doll wears a light pink and white business and has a light pink potty.

Dr. Phil, on a current tv broadcast, suggests that parents buy an anatomically accepted potty doll that wets itself in order to help teach the child to go potty by having the child teach the doll to go potty.

Avid Amiri is head and co-owner of Potty Guidance Solutions, where you can find Corolle Potty Dolls . Other Potty Dolls and advice on using them can can also be found on the site.


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