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Two means anxiety - parenting


You have two kids who are 14 months apart. How cute, they look alot alike. . . are they twins? One is taller and more mature than the other, so that can't be.

Two can be a blessing, yet can also be bother at times. I will be characters a run of "sibling" articles in the expectations about raising my 9 1/2 year old girl and more or less 11 year old boy. I will be allotment with you the joys and the whoas, and hope that I can help others appreciate their kids more and why they do and say the clothes that they do.

Meet Cassandra. . . . she is 9 1/2 going on 11. She is tallest in her class, more mature and very bright. She constantly makes arranged A's and finishes her groundwork in best time. She loves to read, write stories (where did she get that from?), ride her bike, rollerblade and play video games.

Meet Arthur. . . . he will be 11 soon, yet is ADHD and has some dyslexia, he acts and looks about 9 1/2. He tries very hard in instruct and has to have elite reserve lessons to get by for his 2nd grade analysis level and 1st grade inscription level. He loves to draw comic book typeset that he creates, amass and study astronomy and space, dual Yu-Gi-Oh cards with friends, ride his bike and play video games.

You will be conception in the advent months their adventures and how they make it being with one a new 24/7, even although they have break rooms to departure in.

Stay tuned. . . you just might learn a touch or amazing might touch you, and you might even chuckle. Kids can do and say the darnest things.

Caitlyn Carrington is an connoisseur commentary critic and poetess and loves to write about her true life experiences with her category and children.


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