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Q. We just got our daughter's advancement report, and it looks as if no be relevant how hard she works she'll get all C's and D's, when she had been receiving A's and B's. What do you advocate to help her do advance next nine weeks?

A. There could be many issues going on, but here's the best simple, quick-start air I can offer.

You previously know what the outcome will be for this article card, so there doesn't need to be any crying and gnashing of teeth or high drama when the article card arrives.

When you get her arrive card, on a break free sheet of paper, make three columns.

In the first column, list her classes.

In the back up column, list the grade in each class.

In the third column, list the grade that is the goal for the next arrive card.

While she definitely may be accomplished of raising each class more than one dispatch grade, that's the goal I be redolent of you set. If she got a D, then the goal is a C. If she got a C, then the goal is a B, and so on.

In this way, she experiences the task ahead as doable, and you get to see good results, if she raises each class by one communication grade. In just two grading periods, a D can be a B and a C can be an A. It's also emphatically conventional if she exceeds the goal and improves more than one dispatch grade in any class.

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