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Parenting your teenager: the foot line issues - parenting


Q. When you consult with a ancestors with teens, what are the characteristic bottom-line issues?

A. Not surprisingly, the bed line issues for parents are very another than the floor line issues for the teen.

For the parents, the foot line issues look a bit like this:

They see the kid they raised from an infant varying right beforehand their eyes, commonly in receipt of more and more out of control. Their concerns can run by means of a whole range of tribulations - from slipping grades, bad attitudes and barely or no announcement all the way to depression, administration away or drugs.

The floor line is that the parents are scared, and they want their nice kid back.

For the teens, the floor line issues commonly look a touch like this:

"If Mom and Dad would just get off my back and trust me, the whole thing would be OK. I'm not a hardly kid anymore!"

The foot line is: "I just want to be more and more in allegation of myself!"

One convenient tip for both sides is to learn to pick your battles.

For the parents, not every issue needs to be a campaign for control.

For the teens, not every issue has to be a argue for independence.

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