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Compelling home souvenirs, not junk - parenting


Gift shops are a kid draw and often a trip highlight! Do you blush at the sight cheap jewelry and novelty items that will be lost or broken down in the span of hours? Plan your keepsake line of attack early and help your child assemble a anthology that is exclusive and will last for years to come, preserving the memories of your travels together.

First, come up with a theme. What type of keepsake is equally communal at most tourist locations and has the makings for a great collection? If you set your child on a treasure hunt for certain souvenirs with some sort of customary ground, they will be able to tell a story or make an by a long shot displayed collection.

We've calm blown up patches from the chairs we've visited with our child and sewn them onto a knapsack he takes along on trips, adapting the idea from old cases with stickers from exotic locations.

Here are some more ideas for first your child's memento collection:

  • Postcards. Have your child write himself a note and mail it back home. You can assemble it like a diary when you arrival from your travels.
  • Key Chains. They can be serene and put on backpacks or hung on a strip lynching from the wall.
  • Magnets. You can put them on the refrigerator at home or make a captivating board to demonstrate the album in your child's bedroom.
  • Snowglobes or Music Boxes featuring scenes from your move location.
  • Crazy sunglasses or hats. They could be appropriate to your move destination or just wacky.
  • Holiday ornaments. Each holiday, you can check stories about travels with your offspring and have a great starter set of exclusive jumble when your child is grown so he can share his journey memories with his children.

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