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Something happened the other day that made me feel uneasy. Yet I shouldn't have felt that way!

My wife had left for work and I was killing the washing out to dry. A neighbour from down the way was in his backyard doing the same. 'Good day for drying', he called. 'Let's hope the rain stays away. '

I had to think about what made me uneasy. Then it hit me. Two men killing out the washing!

When I was a kid that would never have happened. That was women's work, after all!

And that made me think about the shifting role of men and fatherhood.

Change is seldom easy, hence the greatly buried sense of unease - even in a big name like me who considers himself an enlightened individual!

The image of maternity has altered very much in recent years, hasn't it?

We've come a long way from the distant, unemotional, patriarch figure. The god-like master who provided for his family, but didn't assume to be awkward by ancestors issues!

After World War II there was a clear-cut shift. Men became much more complicated in the play and leisure areas of family life.

Maybe this was due to the separation caused by the war and consequent feelings of vulnerability. But men still didn't get complex in household chores!

Today we see a much more enlightened image of the male as a co-parent, in receipt of complex in all aspects of breed life and pulling his consequence in the home.

Or do we? . . .

Are we especially there yet? Some men are moving in the right direction. Others need a gentle push!

Perhaps they need encouragement more than anything.

Young boys tend to see their dads as role models and often absorb, even unconsciously, their dads attitudes and habits. So if some of today's dads haven't witnessed and experienced the input of an concerned father, the role may not come easily to them.

And yet a dad's involvement in ancestors life has so much benefit both for the children, the care for and the dad himself.

By pulling their authority with the household everyday jobs Dads give a good case to their kids AND they help ease the burden on an all too often over-burdened Mum.

By in receipt of caught up in play and enlightening behavior Dads can help build that vital affiliation on which confidence depends - their own confidence as parents and the confidence of their kids:

  • to explore and ascertain their talents and abilities
  • to learn the boundaries contained by which they must operate
  • to absorb the ideals of the being in allege of them.

So much to be gained, for all parties involved!

So if Dad is a moderately indisposed participant in family matters, bring to mind that as well as a firm push he may need lots of encouragement.

After all, the role may not come by a long shot since hundreds of years on non-involvement are in his genes.

Let's all look ahead to the day when lynching up the laundry is no big deal for a Dad!

Happy parenting.

Why do some parents and kids succeed, while others fail? Frank McGinty is an globally available creator and teacher. If you want to arise your parenting skills and cheer your kids to be all they can be, visit his web pages, http://www. frank-mcginty. com/peace-formula. html AND http://www. frank-mcginty. com/for-parents. html


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