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Moral armors irrational parenting, part ii - parenting


Handing Down Malignancy.

Children may begin brainy and eager to face the world, but are often busy with the conditioning of their fear-ridden predecessors dialogue of lost dreams-taken by no one in particular. Their guardians arrive learned, but seem not to damn the worst individuality in men. In facing life's best question, venturing into their expectations lives based exclusively on the hopes of an novel mind, they are accessible an alternative. The fear-preying lure of their elders is to stay conventional and small. In place of goals, there will be duty. In place of love, there will be dependency. In place of identity, there will be pretense. In place of understanding, there will be orders. In place of agreements, there will be domination. In place of respect, there will be power. In place of standards, there will be communal sentiment. In place of reason, there will be faith. In place of dignity, there will be sacrifice. In place of progress, there will be culture. For their submission, they are obtainable unqualified acceptance.

Schooled evil has a nightmare improvement over inexperienced virtue. Anti a more absolute and qualified evil, minor innocence stands hardly chance. With a wider certainty in the field of corruption, such cowards all the time seek to dominate the unformed. They have many more methods than a big cheese newer to life or to a given background who walks a fragile line for the first time-carefully forming his epistemological trunk prior to branching. Assume four-year-old eyes, staring up at evil-guilty of the sin of perception, a trait crucial to the survival of any existing thing-serving animals, but damned in Man. Not ration to arm him for life, this evil is intent on knocking the weapons out of his hands, forcing him to give in to the void, which will be crammed by patterns of expropriation, considered in reaction to their own fears. Youth must hesitate, not for the reason that character requires it, but for the reason that common flaws and immoral conditioning get in the way of truth. A desert island youth would skip this phase.

There are only two ways to dishonest a human being. First, by aim corporal harm or its precursor, threats of consequence, as such accomplishment disrupts the do of the entity. Second, by on condition that a background that makes it okay for the being to harm itself, to convey or frame judgment in a way that sanctions the debilitation of the victim's own life-furthering potential.

A mind disconnected from existing usefulness cannot convey the consequence of ability. A mind relishing the exhibition of being paid away with anything, disconnects its offspring from virtue. With each age band it degenerates; the victims are motivated advance from the basic knowledge patterns of cause and effect, auxiliary from rationality, additional from morality and additional into its inevitable results-self-hatred and stagnation. The concealed needs of the first age bracket befall the open requests of the second. The third acts on them, not realizing the dreams of the first, but the true end, dysfunction. First, they go to redundant jobs at loggerheads that they shouldn't have to, then raise brood who aren't employable. They in turn abide by laws which they claim limit their constitutional rights to the work of others, then raise offspring who steal. In each successive cohort they wipe out a level of values, and the capability to associate them. They shorten their own intellectual range, and stunt their children's in turn. By stunting any means to a clean sense of self-worth, their kids are that much more agreeable to participate in what disregards it.

The accepted philosophical awareness has been free for thousands of years-predating Christianity-held back by parents and leaders who choose to see their children's hampered, helpless spirits die just to stave off the fear of discovering their own nameless inadequacies. They chose our pain and limitations in order to hide from their own. Men are brought into the world fully armed, with no need for tampering of any kind. It is the Attitude Murderers who leisurely take his weapons from him. Their approach to bring about submission, exposure and penance, breeds Self-made Man's antithesis: the dependent. This fashion of creating zombies to do the command of the Fear-driven is duplicate to their own configuration of degenerative development. When he doesn't have to acknowledge ability-human beings counselor back to a level he need not fear.

I know how common trends work; I know Moral Armor will have many opponents. There will be mothers screaming their hatred, in one piece aiming it away from themselves and towards me, delivering their brood into the hell of their own dull processes, eternally unwilling to face and but dependability for the conclusion of their own actions. In its place of mature growth, they'll commit the basic evil-the apparition murder of their own offspring-sacrificing them to feed the headless monster of their own denial.

It took a long time to appreciate what the older generations have been doing to the younger, and I can see why many curved to drugs. We're worse off since of what they've had us automate. We were harped on if we did bad. We were detested and overlooked when we did too well. With no path to harmony, break away from is every now and then the only option. The moral defaulting of our elders has made life excruciating for everyone. A sufficient amount is enough. Many of them don't bring to bear their power responsibly, so it is time to take it away from them. No more power over us and over the world's future. No more in succession it into the ground. Their true error, intentional or not, is that they use their consciousness improperly, and they don't want to cash their errors. How many lies do they aim to take to the grave? By accepting the characteristics of consciousness and the sound moral base for all belief and action, we can bare the true moral action for how we live and act together every day. Then we can break free from their authority and see the world honor the new management.

Our next part will focus on a astounding cause of classic cognitive abuse; which is a challenge for even a good blood relation to avoid!

Copyright 2005 Ronald E Springer

Ronald E. Springer is the Author/Philosopher of Moral Armor, the world's first fully-integrated moral beliefs based on the character of Man. Featured on The Mitch Albom Show, NBC and FOX News radio affiliates, Mr. Springer is accessible for interviews, dialogue engagements, attitude workshops and seminars. Entertain call RonaldESpringer@MoralArmor. com or visit http://www. MoralArmor. com for details.


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