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Parenting your teenager: 3 more hazardous myths - parenting


MYTH: If you have not parented as well as you would have liked up until now, it's too late to try no matter which different.

REALITY: This is one of those seductive barely lies that sounds so close to the truth.

But it's not.

Even if you gave up being in allegation of your kids long ago, it's still not too late to father in a altered way.

They won't like it at first, but you don't need their permission, and you never did.

You can, over time, get their cooperation.

MYTH: Parents must be in charge at all times.

REALITY: Well, yes and no.

If you are asking me if parents need to be in allege of the category at all times, then certainly yes.

If you are asking me do parents need to be in command of the whole lot a teen-ager does, then completely no.

As we put them in allege of more and more areas, we are bountiful them adequate rope, not to hang themselves, but to grow. If they establish they can be in allegation in a a selection of area, then they can have that one.

MYTH: Teen-agers are especially just hardly adults who need their parents almost not at all.

REALITY: Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Teens, although annoying on for size some of the responsibilities of the adult world, are exceedingly kids who are still developing. They need us as parents to guide them by means of and about the traps of youth and young adulthood.

I saw a authoritative illustration of this notion at a consultation numerous years ago. The presenters sited quite a few open bear traps at a range of spaces on the stage. A blind-folded teen-ager was located on one side of the stage, his dad on the other.

The kid was to walk crosswise the stage to his father, who represented adulthood. He made a move to take a step, and the member of the clergy yelled, "Stop!" The member of the clergy then walked over to the son, took off the blindfold and guided his son by means of the traps into "adulthood. "

Now that's parenting a teen.

Leading parenting knowledgeable Jeff Herring is a teen and children therapist, parenting coach, lecturer and syndicated parenting and affiliation columnist. Jeff invites you to visit ParentingYourTeenager. com for 100's of tips and tools for parenting all the way through the teenage years. You can also subscribe to his free weekly internet newsletter "ParentingYourTeenager. "


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