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Vinegar or honey, what do kids actually want? "Toys, candy, and their own way," key millions of parents.

They say you can catch more flies with a portion of honey than with a cupful of vinegar. So why do too many toys, too much candy, and constantly benevolent in to our children, coin sour barely characters? Aren't these the ingredients for honey?

Let's bear in mind the most delicious ingredients: what kids actually want and how to give it to them. The Triple A Recipe for honey - attention, appreciation, and affection are delicious, powerful, and bonding.

Children thirst for your categorical attention.
Calming them on at their distinctive events
Reading stories with them
Listening to their ideas are a few tasty and considered necessary ingredients.

Children boom on appreciation.
Specific praise for certain deeds warm their hearts and add to their appeal to be close to you.

Children crave affection.
Notes of love tell them how much you care about them.

Parents, it's your attention, your appreciation, and your affection that your kids especially want. With this Triple A Recipe you will positively authority your children, their character, and their future. This recipe will also build an indissoluble bond among you and your family since you will be bountiful them what they exceedingly want - you. You are the honey!

Jean Tracy, MSS, Edmonds, WA.
http://www. KidsDiscuss. com
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