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Is Grounding Actually That Important?

Dear Friends,

I no longer teach in communal schools, but for what seems like 100 years, I did. For the duration of my long career, I did the best I knew how to do at the time, based on where I was in life, and what I had cultured about teaching.

In parenting and coaching both, however, we at times learn effects too late. If only I could go back, I would do many clothes differently. One thing I would carry in a different way would be homework.

Today, I?m going to adopt an issue that raises the hair on the heads of many people: Homework. Training is so admired in our civilization that to argue with it can just about answer in being one affirmed a heretic.

I?m going to tell you about the household straw that prompted me to end groundwork forever. (That is, bar for elective training I gave so that the kids whose parents hunted a touch to absorb their kids at home other than tube had a little constructive to do. )

One day, I heard ?.

?Help! Help my mommy! He's beating her! And he took the baby! Help!?

Those are words of a real hardly girl named Lisa, who called 911 in California when her member of the clergy was in one of his violent rages. A tape of the concrete phone call was played at a domestic violence assembly I attended some years back in Atlanta.

We listened as the six year old child cried and begged the keep watch over to get to her mommy ahead of it was too late. We could hear sounds in the backdrop that reminded us the condition was both urgent and real.

I could just about conjure up the woman being slammed to the base as her drunken wife held the baby above her with a smirk, reminding her that he would take that baby and she'd never see him again if she didn't get up and do as he planned right that minute.

The control arrived, and the tape ended. My face felt wet with tears that did not stop when the loudspeaker hit the stop button.

As I sat there, my "teacher" mind ongoing thinking. If that diminutive girl was in a characteristic classroom, the next morning, Lisa would walk into her class at school, pretending all was well. Even at age six, she knew how to play the game.

And then, ahead of long, the coach would ask for homework. Lisa would look all through her bookbag, eager that somehow, the groundwork would magically appear. But of course, the miracle she desirable right then didn't happen. (She looked-for that miracle much more the earlier night, but that?s a whole another issue. )

A flash later, she'd hear her name called. She'd go to the teacher's desk, and the governess would speak to her firmly. "Lisa? I don't see your homework. Where is it? Did you disregard to do it again?"

Lisa would lower her head, lethargic nervously. "Yes, mam," she'd say.

"Lisa, I don't know what we're going to do with you, but I can tell you right now that at this rate, you are going to make an F on your arrive card. You won't do your homework. I have six zeros in print in my grade-book for you, and this is only the back week of the quarter," the governess informs Lisa.

Lisa says nothing, but inside, she feels her hardly body tensing up.

"Lisa!" the coach snarls. "I spoke to you. WHY won?t you do your homework? You definitely won?t pass first grade if you keep this up! What happened to the note that I sent home to your parents? Did you show it to them? I bet you didn't, as I know your dad, and I know he'd see that you did your groundwork if he knew what was going on. "

Lisa's eyes get big, and she starts to speak but she cannot get any words out.

"Lisa! WHERE IS THE NOTE I SENT HOME YESTERDAY?" the governess says. Lisa hears snickering sounds advent from the other students, who doubtless are relieved that SHE is the one receiving in trouble, not them.

"Ummm . . . . I have it at home. I forgot to show it to my mom, but I will tonight," Lisa says.

"You forgot? Bring that note AND the research back tomorrow!" the governess replies. "Or else!"

All of a sudden, the light came on and I realized that the assembly was over. I was not in the mood to get out with the other attendees. All I could focus on was receiving out of the meeting.

I had been education towards end training for my students, but after I heard that tape, I knew I would never make an issue of grounding again. For all I knew, every child in the classroom could be active all through analogous nightmares at home. In the big conspiracy of life, is grounding Exceedingly that important?

Quote for the week: "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, i don't know it is since he hears a another drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, but calculated or far away. " - Henry Thoreau (1817-1862)

I wish you peace.

Reluctant Traveler

Karyl Chastain Beal
The Averse Traveler Columbia, Tennessee Mother, Writer, Teacher, Student

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