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Would you hire this teacher? - parenting


Imagine you were the principal of the discipline that your child would be attending. Dream up that you were allowed to pick out which teachers to hire.

Who would you pick? Let's look at some of the applicants.

Would you hire a big cheese to teach your family if she had not graduated from high discipline or college?

Would you want a big shot to teach your offspring who used four-letter words pulled candidly out of the nonsense dump?

Would you pick teachers who might drink, smoke pot, or use other criminal drugs in front of the students?

Would you hire teachers who would yell at the kids and called them filthy names?

Would you hire a celebrity to teach if that character walked into the construction with an attitude, inarticulate responses to your questions, didn?t look you in the eye, and then made derogatory racial annotations about some of the associates she saw advent into the coming up room?

How would you feel about hiring teachers who hit, kicked or slapped your children?

Well, guess what folks! Those kids are doctrine our children, and we don?t even have to pay them to teach. That's right! Every day, those associates are coaching family right here in south Georgia.

What? You think this is a joke? Well, friends, look in the mirror. Or look about you when you go out in public, as every woman or man you see with a child is a teacher.

Our administration has restrictions on who can marry, smoke, drive, drink and vote, but there are no restrictions on who may befall a parent. Age, credentials and capability to raise and cherish a child are insignificant.

So, let?s ask a few questions here, and see how you fare.

Have you ever ambitious five miles over the speed limit? Or more?

If you key yes, you may be credo your offspring that they do not have to admire rules.

Do you ever make damaging racial or gender commentary or jokes about your children?

If you key yes, you may be doctrine them to be prejudiced in a world before now too overflowing with strife.

Do you cuss, use profanity, or say blue words about your children?

If you reply yes, you may be credo your kids behaviors that are anti-social and improper in public.

Do you laze about the house, unemployed, blaming each one else in the world as you don?t have a job?

If you come back with yes, you may be credo your brood to be expecting others to assistance them financially, and that they have no check over their future.

Do you drink and smoke about your children?

If you said yes, you may be doctrine your kids that unhealthy actions are okay.

Do you boast of sexual actions about your children? Or make inappropriate sexual gestures to others?

If you replied yes, you may be credo your kids that their bodies have no value, and that sex is unrelated to love or marriage.

Do you hit your husband, wife or family when they aren?t perfect, according to your standards?

If you do, you may be coaching your brood to use violence, to bully, and to disrepute the human rights of others.

Do you yell and scream at your children?

If so, you may be coaching your family that they are bad people.

Do you make fun of those who may be less charismatic or less able or less abounding than you?

If so, you may be coaching your kids to be narrow-minded of those who are different.

Do you allow your brood to ride in the car exclusive of a seatbelt or on their bicycles devoid of helmets?

If you answered yes, you are coaching them that they are insuperable and that their shelter does not matter.

Do you watch movies that show undue violence and decorative sexual scenes?

If you answered yes, you may be heartening them to try out both violence and sex as soon as doable so they will feel ?grown up. ?

Now, back to the first question. What type of character do you want credo your child? Would you hire yourself?

Many of us who have raised offspring see first-hand that they educated schooling we wish we had not trained them. If this has happened to you, we ask you to share. It may not be easy to admit a flaw in public, but it takes courage to turn a touch about into a affirmative erudition experience.

Quotation of the Week

"Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never botched to do an impression of them. " -- James Baldwin

I wish you peace.

Karyl Chastain Beal

Karyl Chastain Beal, Retired from doctrine about 100 years Columbia, Tennessee. Essayist - Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, newspaper and magazine articles and stories. http://grieving-parents. com

Memorial to daughter, Arlyn http://virtual-memorials. com/servlet/ViewMemorials?memid=7461&pageno=1


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