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Assembly internet chat safe for your offspring - parenting


No be relevant what you say or do, your kids will chat and use IM (instant messengers) over the internet. That's a given. But since you have the obligation to care for your children, be aware that there are parent-friendly software tools that can assist you.

Chat Watch

Chat Watch logs both sides of direct mail on AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Chat Watch skin texture parental controls, chat scheduling, a chat acronym translator, and more. Chat logs can be certainly e-mailed to you, derivative to a association computer, or uploaded to a aloof server. Chat Watch is password bubble-like and can run buried in covertness mode and clear by a hot key. Chat Watch allows you to keep an eye on and be in be in charge of of your child's direct messaging.


* Log both sides of immediate e-mail on AOL Immediate Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.

* Chat Watch can certainly e-mail you the chat logs at a pre-set time.

* The chat logs can be banal to a complex computer.

* The Comfortable Observe abruptly highlights chats that may be full of attacking words. Parents can add custom words to the contented observe watch list.

* Parents can set scheduling options that affect when chatting is permitted and when it is not allowed.

* Chat Watch can run in accomplish Furtiveness mode clandestine to the user.

* Task Administrator can be disabled while Chat Watch is running.

* Cutting edge Hot Key allows for the hot key to be a blend of three hot keys for greatest security.

* Contact to the chat logs is password protected.

More Information: http://www. deprice. com/chatwatch. htm


IamBigBrother report all of the internet doings for many programs together with America Online, MSN, Outlook Articulate and more. And it logs all keystrokes typed in EVERY code along with barrier shots. So all in all IamBigBrother monitors All on your computer.

More Information: http://www. deprice. com/iambigbrotherspy. htm

SpyTech SpyAgent

SpyAgent gives you the power to log all websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, internet acquaintances made, passwords entered, papers printed, AIM/AOL/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN conversations made, credentials opened, emails sent/received, and even capture screenshots of the user's activities. SpyAgent can be run on Windows startup in energetic monitoring mode with an not obligatory display alert screen. This allows you to have the choice to let others using your workstation that they are being monitored (or not). A built in secrecy mode is obtainable to keep users from task-ending or conscious about SpyAgent.

More Information: http://www. deprice. com/spytechspyagent. htm

John Deprice owns and operates Deprice. Com. He reviews children open software at http://www. deprice. com/utilities. htm


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