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It was a hot summer day in grand and The federal court was lacking cold air. I wiped my brow as I entered the crowded courtroom. A number of times I had appeared in category court, entreating to get care of my children. On each chance I left the courtroom alone. The court had taken the girl's mothers civil rights away, but fighting because of all the red tape had dragged on for two years.

I did all I could to keep my faith. Then came that magical day. The girls were appearance home with me! Wait a minute; the girls were advent home with me! Do they mean today?

I fell to my knees,right there exterior the courtroom. Fighting my tears of joy I thanked god for the miracles he had blessed me with. I asked for his guidance. I asked him to help me be the best minister I could be and told him I could not do it exclusive of him.

Soon we were in the car and course home. I glanced at them in the mirror, as they smiled ear to ear. They were my angels and I felt overwhelmed with joy, smiling all the way home. Has a man ever been so blessed as I was on that magical day?

Now it was time to put my parenting skills into action. I put on the superdad cape and transformed into The Children Guy.

Right about this time Faith had just crooked 8, and Elissa was 5. At first I let them eat what they want, bathe when the want, and go to sleep when they wanted. This wasn't running for me, so nice daddy had to set som rules and bondaries.

The girls were soon given household tasks to help out about the house. They put up quite a resistance at first, but after they lost some of their privelages they gently surrendered.

Two years have accepted and the three of us are very happy. I work from home so we get to spend alot of time together. I love my role as The Ancestors Guy. I am blessed to have such amazing girls who are so loving and giving. From time to time they call me Mister Mom. Every now and then they just call me daddy, but my best happiness comes each night, audible range their precious voices call me to tuck them into bed.

This Commentary was In black and white By: Jay Bartels

Jay is a director in the category profit comunity. Faith and Elissa are Healthy,happy, and developing up a bit too fast for daddy. Choose look for more from jay at the sites below, and his next condition appearance very soon.

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