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To the inexperienced eye, it might look like a piece of bubble gum stuck to a shelter pin; a pink chewed mass mistakenly rescued from the trash years before. However, to its owner, this esteemed reminder is a bejeweled treasure-still worn with excessive pride. For you see, this is more than it appears. It was made with love, given with delight, and conventional with a indebted heart-a gift from a young son on Mother's Day.

Since May 9, 1914 when the be with Sunday in May was confirmed "Mother's Day", offspring and fathers have looked for consequential ways to acknowledge and celebrate those unsung heroes in their lives: their mothers. I a short time ago had the great pleasure of conversing with quite a few Moms, and asked them about the "best gifts" they have ever conventional on Mother's Day. Here is a a small amount of what they had to offer:

Gifts Made by Hand:


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