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Naught like a mothers love - parenting


Travel is a collective theme in my life -- maybe ongoing with the children escape we took every year when I was young. But in all my travels, I have seen an added collective theme, a collective character of unity, love and Peace.

Mom. She's got the big love. From Ethiopia to Seattle, mothers care for us - the offspring. When we grow up, we may leave her house to build our own, and her cooking to add more flavors to our palates, but she's still the woman that held us to her breast, fostering and cooing to us, her most-loved child. She would do something to defend her child.

Koko is not a mother. I'm fascinated by her. She's a 33-year old valley heavy who, since infancy, has been running with Dr. Francine "Penny" Patterson. With her capability to "talk" to Penny using sign expression and a vocabulary of more than 900 words, she speaks of having a baby. Often. Achingly. Her loving calmness and defending instincts were displayed when she got a kitten as a companion. This 280 pound ape cradles the kitten, stroking it and purr to it while signing "baby, baby" over and over.

Even Koko, childless, mourns the lost opportunity. But she also doesn't have the anguish of lost offspring due to the babble that goes on in the world today -- drugs, murder, mental agony and wars.

If mothers ruled the world, would there ever be a further war? Not if my mom ruled? And in all probability not yours? Disputes would be developed over a cup of tea, and all would end up laughing. On The Cat's Cot (a darling blog,) I read this story about Julia Ward Howe's first Mother's Day in 1870 called Mother's Peace Day. Julia, biographer of The Campaign Hymn of the Republic, wrote a decree which begins with:

Arise then. . . women of this day!

Arise, all women who have hearts!

Whether your initiation be of water or of tears!

Say firmly:

"We will not have questions answered by beside the point agencies,

Our husbands will not come to us, foul with carnage,

For caresses and applause.

Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn

All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.

We, the women of one country,

Will be too tender of those of a different country

To allow our sons to be qualified to injure theirs. "

Julia Ward Howe, Mother's Day Proclamation, 1870

Imagine all the mothers of the world stopping their sons, husbands, and fathers. All the mothers of the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Koreans, the Japanese; all the mothers of the the blacks, the whites, the straights, the gays; all the mothers of the Republicans and the Democrats . . . All the mothers saying:

Enough. Enough! Wouldn't you like some tea.

David Perdew
Writer / Photographer / Consultant
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