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Today's dads are more hands-on than ever ahead of and their involvement is being pleased with parenting gear intended with men in mind. Many items that have typically been deliberate for the affectionate side of the parental equation are now being introduced in mannish styles, colors, and fabrics, plus diaper bags, baby carriers, and strollers.

For many parents a diaper bag is such an central part of baby's first years that it only makes sense to give daddy his due - one easily cannot assume a man to tote about the barely one's personal effects in a womanly diaper bag with dignity and enthusiasm. In that scenario dad will spend more time annoying not to be seen than presence to baby.

The choice of a diaper bag for dad is dependant on many factors, but for those new to the game we offer these austere pointers:

?If in doubt, go for do over form, but get as close to your idea of the complete nuptials of both as possible.

?Consider where and when you'll be using you diaper bag most often - trips to the park, for example, will demand a more lasting exterior, (water anti is all the time a plus), than, say, daily trips to day care or interior events.

?A shifting pad is more or less a condition if you'll be out and about with baby. One diaper alter not including one in a community place and you'll know what we mean.

?The come to of pockets and compartments you'll want are dependant on your individual needs, (do you tend to take all but the kitchen sink or pass through light?), but we advocate at least one or two pockets on both the outer and interior of the bag, and preferable at least one with a fastener or closure.

?Determine the hauling style you are most comfortable with - most men opt for a pack or herald style diaper bag, and some diaper bags adapt from one to the other. We've found that the rucksack style bags and herald bags worn diagonally the body leave hands most free for production with baby. Bendable straps allow you to get the most comfortable fit for your body.

?Consider the extras. Again, depending on your own style and needs you may wish to look for these items in a diaper bag: wipe case, wipeable and/or washable bag for mucky items, insulated container holder(s), outdoor pockets for baby bottles, sippy cups, or your own water bottle, carbiner clip for keys.

Designer diaper bags for men run the gamut from basic black envoy style diaper bags for under $55 to sports-themed diaper bags such as big shot darling Timi & Leslie's Magic diaper bag made from authentic basketball leather to Diaper Dude's rock and roll guitar diaper bag and all in between. With the increasing array of choices on the market, isn't it time the papa in your life got a brand new bag of his own?

Kim Ciliberto is the owner of Tutti Bella, an online boutique featuring diaper bags for men at http://www. tuttibella. com/diaper-bags-for-men. html


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