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Stay at home mom you need to raise cowboys - parenting


Now I know that is not how the song goes, I have had cousins from focal Texas drag me to Gilley's to snoop to that song live and they sang every word not including gone astray a beat. So no emails about the title, please.

This kind of cowboy would make his stay at home mom proud of him besides you look for what he has done in the digital world. He is a digital cowboy and his name is Dwayne Hendricks builder of the TAPR Allot Spectrum Radio has been privileged in 'Wired Magazine' as the ultrawideband cowboy. That's the kind of cowboy any stay at home mom would be proud of. . .

As a ahead idea industrialist Dwayne Hendricks blazed a trail of wireless broadband contact to Mongolia, Native American reservations, and lonely schools in Thailand.

The FCC's Technological Advisory Association is where he fires away ideas about compelling charge of the airwaves from the government. Looking away from Wi-Fi to ultrawideband and other technologies that must make licensing unecesssary, this would also permit wireless admission for almost an ad nauseam add up to of people, managed by bright software in their devices.

A short look at ultrawideband, it made up of very short low power pulses that could one day move a DVD's worth of info about the home in seconds, yes seconds. As soon as the kinks are worked out most of the cables in your home could be use for jump-rope as the cable box sends new to your tv, the dvd player sends movies to the PC exclusive of wires.

This might look like pie in the sky to a stay at home mom homeschooling her children, but when you allow them with the right equipment the sky is the limit. Just focus on the fact that your cowboy or cowgirl could help bring about the capability to to all comers roam connecting Wi-Fi and cellular networks with only one bill to look at each month.

Just that one bill alone must motivate us to get our offspring up and in succession in the right direction. . . as digital cowboys and cowgirls.

Want to keep up with wireless equipment for homeschoolers, stay at home moms and such. . . stay ahead of the Joneses. . .

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