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How to give your child encyclopedic knowledge? - parenting


When you talk about multiply your child's intelligence, you can't help but to allusion about Dr. Glenn Doman. He is the come to grief of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Aptitude and began original the field of child brain change since 1940. He and the institute are celebrated for their revolutionary work with brain-injured offspring and their work in early change for well children.

Glenn has authored many books and supplies that teach parents how to teach their babies at home such as 'How to teach your baby to read', 'How to teach your baby math', 'How to teach your baby to be physically superb'. Of course, his best promotion book "How to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge" that I had used to train my children. Guess what? It actually works.

"How to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge" - Glenn Doman

Glenn, after 40 years at the Institute, had educated that: "Every child born has, at the minute of birth, a advanced ability acumen than Leonardo Da Vinci ever used". He brilliantly believes that it is easier to give a one-year-old encyclopedic acquaintance than it is to give it to a six-year-old. The book tells you accurately how to give encyclopedic awareness to a tiny child first at birth or at any time prior to six years of age. To abridge his logic to teach your child to buy encyclopedic knowledge, here are the steps:

1. Categorize the awareness to teach your child. In an intellectual sense, it is data from science, to art, biology, geography, history, music, language, literature, and all else that matters to man.

2. Once the divisions of data been identified. Go added to list ten categories in each of the boundary of knowledge. For example, in 'Biology' division, you can list categories such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and etc.

3. Next, list the 'bit of intelligence' (BOI) under each category. For example, under animal category, you can list down the bit of aptitude such as lion, tiger, cow, wolf and etc. Since acquaintance is based on in order which can be gained only because of facts. Presenting those facts (BOI) in a by the book way to a child will make certain these data plainly grows in the child's brain and they will be the base of all his expectations knowledge.

4. The characteristic of presenting the BOI in a appropriate way are: BOI must be accurate, one item only (no other items in the background. You may have come crosswise poster board with many animals, this is NOT the accurate way to teach your child about 'lion' for example), explicitly named, large, clear and new (mean amazing your child does not before now know). Essentially, it is normally known as flash card.

5. You can conceive the flash card yourself. Accumulate the BOI from magazine, newspaper, journal and etc. Classify them into categories of intelligence. Cut or acquire 11" x 11" white cardboard. Glue the BOI on front of the cardboard. Label the BOI on back of cardboard with black marker. A web site called 'Flashcard Exchange' (http://flashcardexchange. com) is a great place where you can find load of flashcards ready made and you can print out with your printer. Since it is a area supported site, you could be a factor too if you have some flashcards. An added web site using software flashcards is http://www. frankchenphoto. com/powerflashcard/. Alternatively, you can acquisition the flashcards from shops.

6. To teach bit of intelligence. You arrangement physically and your child comfortably facing each other. Show the cards about 18" away from your child. Make it like a game. Move the back BOI in the stack (get a quick look at the name you are about to say) to the front and say, 'Tiger'. One agree with for each card and no longer. You must acquaint with the BOI very, very quickly.

7. Begin by introducing five altered categories with ten BOI in each. Make sure you teach each kind three times ahead of the day ends. As your child progress, begin adding up more categories day by day until you are doing ten another categories.

8. Ten days after you have reached ten categories, begin to retire one old BOI from each class daily. Place these retired BOI in your file for new use later. Add one new BOI to each group daily to exchange the one your have retired. From this time on you carry on to add one new BOI per kind daily or a total of ten new BOI daily. This is a bare minimum number; you can establish new BOI earlier if you can. Don't worry; the aptitude of the brain of a tiny child can hold them with no question.

My delicate be subjected to shows that this fashion works perfectly. My brood began to attain acquaintance like a super dry sponge. I was amazed by their photographic recall and the speed they could absorb the knowledge. My only be disappointed was that I didn't have an adequate amount of time to construct the BOI fast and adequate enough. Therefore, I adopted a new approach to help my family to buy encyclopedic awareness all the way through our daily life. I qualified my kids on the make of cars when we walked in the car park, name of the gasoline stations when we were forceful about town. They can even attempt the BOI that they have erudite about vegetables or fruits when we were at the supermarket. The outstanding point is you can teach your child encyclopedic data anytime, anywhere!

While I egg on you to teach your child encyclopedic knowledge, one be supposed to beware that the focus of instruction be supposed to not be chiefly on the mastery of almanac acquaintance alone. For in rank is getting bigger geometrically, it is just impracticable for you to teach your child to master all of it. Therefore, you need to care for your child to build a aspiration for constant culture and the skills to master new information. You ought to also be au fait with the chief of doctrine not just facts (BOI), but higher-order assessment skills as well such as creativity, problem-solving and critical skills.

Andrew Loh is the owner of Brainy-Child. com, a website that helps you as a young father to learn how to care for a smarter kid! You can find articles, resources, documents and most recent updates on early child development. You can visit his website at: http://www. brainy-child. com/


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