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Keith is now in the fourth grade and he dislikes school. For a fourth
grader, this does not sound right. The analyze Keith dislikes drill though
does not have no matter which to do with academics. Keith is being bullied before
school, at school, and on the educate bus. Who can blame him for not wanting
to go into that environment?

The basic characterization of discrimination is when a big cheese keeps doing or saying
things to have power over a different person. Harassment involves crossing into
one's space devoid of permission.

Isn't harassment just amazing that happens to all offspring and we're just
making a fuss over this? The brood will get over it, right? Shouldn't we
tell Keith to grow up and carry out it? Wrong. Hounding happens to far too many children and adults shouldn't be ignoring it.


If Keith is being bullied and he is not exposure it to his parents then
there are some very chief questions to address.
· Why wouldn't he tell his parents?
· What idea have Keith's parents sent to him about bullies?
· Does Keith's parents have a description of dismissing what he says?
· Maybe Keith's parents have had a habit of in receipt of too caught up in
solving his problems.

Tips for parents:
· Cheer your child to account any harrying incidents to you.
· Authorize your child's feelings. It is conventional for your child to feel
hurt, sad, and angry.
· Ask your child how he/she has tried to stop the bullying. Asking
questions is a amazing way to have your child do the thinking.
· Ask how is he/she going to solve this. We want the child to do the
thinking ahead of we jump in. See how many options he can come up with.
· Coach your child in alternatives. Ideally the best elucidation is having your child solve this exclusive of anybody interfering. Most of the time unfortunately, this isn't possible. Share these strategies: dodging is often an excellent
strategy, live in a atypical place, play a another game, stay near a
supervisor, look for new friends, join collective behavior exterior of school.
· Talk with your child's teacher. Make sure they are aware of what is
going on.
· Egg on your child to seek help from other discipline personnel.
· Volunteer to help supervise tricks at school.
· Do not disregard your child's reports. Ignoring them sends the wrong
· Do not confront the bully or the bullies' family.
· Teach your child how to defend him or herself.
· Teach self-respect.
· Give frequent assured commentary to your child.
· Avoid class or name-calling.
· Let your child know it is okay to convey their anger. There are
positive and damaging ways to convey anger, we want to teach and model the
positive ways.
· Let your offspring stand up to you now and then. It makes it more
likely they will stand up to a bully.
· Stress the meaning of body language.
· Teach your child to use 'I' statements.
· Teach affirmative self-talk.
· Teach how to use humor, 'out crazy' them. For example, if the bully
says to Keith, "Hey, boy you're ugly. " Keith can counter in a couple
different ways:
"Thanks for sharing"
"Yes, I know, I at all times have been"
"Yes, today's lunch was disgusting" then walk away.

There is many other aspects of harrying to look at: Why your child is the victim, why
people bully, what you child can do if he/she is bullied, signs your child is being
bullied, what the schools be supposed to be doing, managing the discipline bus issues. All
of these are addressed in The Disgraceful Epidemic, ­ How to guard your child from bullies and drill violence.
Visit www. stoppingschoolviolence. com to learn what is possible. There are solutions.

Derek and Gail Randel M. D. are close relative coaches who have bespoke programs
for corporations, schools, and mother groups. They can be reached at Close relative Smart from the
Heart, 1-866-89-SMART, www. parentsmartfromtheheart. com , www. stoppingschoolviolence. com or
info@randelconsulting. com


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