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The top 10 tips on hiring a babysitter - parenting


1. Cheer your babysitter by maintenance their beloved foods/snacks on hand.

Write a thank you card to your babysitters a duo of times a year. Knowledgeable parents constantly say, "When you find a good babysitter - keep them happy!"

2. Hire a "mother's helper" to come in to your home to play with your child.

This extra help will permit you to get those unfinished errands done - while conscious that your child is happy. Since you are in the home it is feasible to hire a younger, less costly babysitter.

3. Believe let a teenage babysitter watch your child in their home as a substitute of in your home.

If an urgent situation occurs, there is a better likelihood that the sitter will be able to get assistance from a category appendage or a next-door neighbor.

4. Learn to definite your needs in the form of distinct requests, such as, "Could you put Emily on the potty for two log tonight?," if you use the same babysitter regularly.

Many parents build anger towards their babysitters and fail to remember that a down-to-earth application might remedy the problem.

5. Leave the add up to for the poison be in command of base by the phone, both upstairs and downstairs.

Show the babysitter where you keep the ipecac syrup in case sickness needs to be induced.

6. Be reminiscent your babysitter that protection is your basic alarm while the child is in their care.

Otherwise, you babysitter's focus may be scattered among their many responsibilities, and wellbeing issues may not get adequate attention.

7. Tell you babysitter that your child must be in view at all times.

It may be beneficial to prompt the babysitter of certain dangers, such as swallowing a popped distend that the child is difficult to blow up, chasing a ball into the street, etc.

8. Instruct babysitters to disregard the phone if the child is in the bath tub.

9. Take critically any signs that your child has been molested, such as a child demonstrating sexual actions in their play or a teror of a a variety of babysitter.

Child molesters come in every age, size, and gender. Young teenagers may have less of a carry out on accord the intensity of their sexual impulses than adults do, important a young juvenile to feel tempted to explore their sexuality with your child.

10. Keep an open mind. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who look after have all been known to bother children.

Being a dear next of kin does not exempt a big cheese from molesting a child.

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This piece was printed by Dr. Clare Albright, Psychologist and Parenting Coach, biographer of "100 Tips for Parents of Two Year Olds", which can be downloaded for only $5. 77 at http://www. ParentsOfTwoYearOlds. com


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