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Here we will come to know who are the most answerable anyone to make your child an addicted being & failure.

In broad we see kids who are addicted of tobacco , drinking, smoking, etc. addictions are the secret language of unhealthy personality.

Kids adopts addictions as of a] Stress, B] Depression. C] repression. (form anything) When a kid feels one of these or analogous of these he wants to come out form the situations. In many countries - drinking and smoking are the conventional norms of receiving happiness.

At first when a kid smoke or drink - he does not get any amusing encounter / relief / happiness. But peoples about him makes him feel so. Over a cycle of a time he develops & adopts the habit / addiction.

In a analyze it is found that kids gives akin expressions on the difficulty "why you smoke / drink etc. ?" or "what and how you feel after / while drinking or smoking ? "

These expressions are a] I get mental peace, b] I feel more convinced and aggressive, c] it is good for my tummy & helps in latrine, d] It is full of pride & sign of budding man e] it removes the loneliness, anger, depression. But this is all away form fact & just a self-deceit.

In the parental bearing when the parents came to know about their kid's addictions / bad behavior ; the (99. 9% common consequence ) parents says " (1) He has bad Company", "(2)He has bad friends" etc. But in actuality it fiction and fact is different. Yes, Fact is different.

Form the commencement / since your child born he has only band and that is you, The parent. He / she got your circle for very first day.

Not being paid the good business form parents is the main aim to raise new harms in the life of a kid.

Confidence and every thing which requires in community life : he gets it form the home (your company).

But what Just happens by which they get mentally imbalanced & cause craving / bad practice ? well, the reasons are.

  • being our self (parents) indiscipline & coaching / commanding chastisement to kids

  • Pressure to admire the rules, and discouragement.

  • Our self (parents) addicted and not charitable enough time to the kids

  • Not allowing kids to communicate emotions & needs. Not agreement the kids

  • Not generous love & affection at the expectation level of kids

  • Improper / Imbalanced mutual accepting and differentiation of judgment among parents.

  • Economical troubles in children and divorce.

    These are the main reasons by which kids gets influenced and affected.

    By the character of law each one wants to disregard the bad / disconcerting procedures in life and to get relief kids do habit just to get so called happiness and he develops inferiority center that he has attempt to get happy form addiction(s) (which he never gets).

    To do addictions he requires money and to earn / grab that money he creates more problems.

    Basically in these kids - confidence level gets low and low, reduces the accomplishment rate, develops the destructive opinion and bad consequences are keep on growing.

    Any one can predict the hope of such kids( and you also know the creation point).

    Getting avoidance form dependence is very hard thing, easy thing is to foil them form compulsion ahead of they starts.

    We bring them on the earth so its only parents conscientiousness & duty to make child flourishing by if right mind & body needs.

    Just like a kite, a thread helps kite to reach top most place in the sky ; Correspondingly we are (thread) in parent-child relationship. What if you loose / cut the thread?? ?

    We have no human rights to raise difficulty and to say my son / daughter has bad company.

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