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Top five ways to stay in touch with your child - parenting


Once your barely boy/girl goes off to school, you may find that your "special talks" occur less frequently. . . You may be converted into crestfallen by the mere fact that your child now has new contacts to share his daily stories with. . .

To foil physically from trailing your mind and down touch with your child when he/she goes to discipline full-time, try the next five exercises in communication.

1) Make it a point to ask your child about his/her day as soon as you see him/her after school. (Do not agree to a "nothing" reaction - rephrase your cast doubt on as many times as considered necessary to get a "real" response: for example: What did you learn today? or What was the best part of your day today?)

2) Make it a priority to ask your child what they brought home in their pack each day. (Do not pry too much but do make it your commerce to know what they have in their rucksack every day. . . )

3) Get concerned with your child's homework. Even if they're only in nursery or first grade, their coach maybe will send some type of groundwork home at least once a week, keep an eye out for this and then be an dynamic participant in the completion of any homework.

4) Be converted into a volunteer at your child's school. Just about every school, whether civic or private, needs help - mother volunteers in many areas. Donate your time, your expertise, your knowledge, your love and compassion for children. . . .

5) If you cannot volunteer your time and get to know your child's classmates, give a touch of by hand in some other way that will keep you complicated in your child's life. Any type of effort/interaction on your part with their coach will bring satisfaction and reward to you and your child.

The floor line is simple. Just for the reason that your child is now in drill seven or eight hours a day - does not mean he/she does not STILL need you and/or that you cannot carry on to be an energetic part of their daily life.

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