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Kids need roots and wings - parenting


"Good parents give their brood Roots and Wings. " --Jonas Salk

The first time I heard this quote, it made me think. The two sound contradictory - roots and wings: one to tie us to the bring down and the other to make possible us to fly away.

As I belief about it, however, I realized that, in fact, it obviously summed up the two chief responsibilities we have as parents: to bestow a safe, cultivation location in which our kids can grow, and to get ready them for the time when they will "leave the nest. "

So how do we give our kids roots and wings?

Of avenue the roots come first. We endow with a safe home where our brood build a sense of belonging, and where they can grow and be converted into strong.

To help our kids arise biting roots, we can learn a few thing from gardeners. They will tell you that, when you first plant a seed, you don't see any develop for some time. The seeds send down their roots into the soil first, long already the tiny shoots arrive on the scene above ground. So the gardener learns patience, credulous the biological process.

As parents, we need to have the same patience and trust the process.

Roots serve two purposes: they give the plant stability, by going deep and property it to the ground. They also endow with sustenance by means of the water and reserves that are drawn in.

Stability and nourishment. We parents bestow the same things.


Of course, by given that for their bodily needs - a home, food, clothing - we build the framework of stability. But there is so much more.

We also need to bestow an ambiance that is nurturing, supporting, and safe - emotionally as well as physically. In this way, we give our kids a sense of belonging and security.


Just as plants draw water and other nutrients from the soil to assistance their growth, our brood depend on us for their nurturing. Our words of encouragement and appreciation, our guidance, and exceptionally our love - these are the sustenance they be given from us.

To endow with a club and cultivation home for your children:

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