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You need to smart to be able authority adolescents. You need to be able to stand back a little, hold your tongue and wait your turn to speak.

Recently, Sam my seventeen year old son, said "No way" to our requirements to wear some civilized clothes to an future on-stage event. Sam was selected to read a piece of his printed work on stage in front of 200 colonize in a plush venue the advent Friday night.

Our suggestions to wear a ample set of gear as conflicting to the thread-bare, bum killing out of his pants clothing that was his norm was met with defiance. His is jutting jaw and arms folded he said determinedly, "No way, I am dressing for me not for you! I want to feel comfortable on stage, and I won't feel comfortable dressed like a dork. "

My be subjected to big business with him lead to me to consider that assembly him head-on was like waving a red rag to a bull, and he would have only stood his argument and not shifted on principle. I sought after him to feel comfortable with his clothing but also that he looked-for to dress according to the dictates of the situation. We required him to be himself, just a souped-up account of himself for that night.

It was time to instil a few doubts and chip away a hardly at his suit of defending armour. I said, "Maybe you won't feel comfortable if the other kids are bearing good clothes and you're not. It can be awful being the odd one out. A bit like the only one draining fancy dress at a party" He didn't reply but I could see by the look on his face that I had given him a little to ponder. Time for a back away and allow him some time to chew it over.

That late afternoon he brought the be important up to his look after and I. Sue not compulsory some clothes he might wear. "Why not wear your grey pants, your good black shoes and a shirt?" "No way, not my black shoes, no way," he replied.

"Okay, but if you wear your check shirt then you are construction a real approach statement. "

"I could wear my check shirt?"

"Yes, of course. I wouldn't want you to look like a dork on stage. "

My wife then left him to think on this. It was apparent that he was thinking, meditative and in receipt of used to the idea of bearing ample clothes and the opportunity we recommended was not such a bad one. We sought him to think that his abundance of clothes was his decision. This is guided democracy at work

On the night of the appraisal he appeared with newly pushed grey pants that sheltered his boxer shorts, black leather shoes and a very smart check shirt. With hair jelled and pointed he scrubbed up well. He looked like we hoped he would look - like a seventeen year old who had made the endeavor to channel the gap connecting the more conservative adult world and his own pubertal world, at least for a night.

"How do I look? Do you like my clothes?"

His nurse threw a huge smile his way, hugged him tight and said, "You look very attractive Sam. Can I go out with you tonight?"

An cumbersome smile lit up his face and I swear I saw him grow a few centimetres in that instant.

He held out his arm and said, "Mum you're on. Let's go. "

As he walked out the door with an air of confidence I knew that we had made the right choice to push him to dress appropriately. I also knew that it had to be his certitude to wear ample clothes - he just desired to be given some time and a few equipment to think about in the meantime.

Michael Grose is Australia's important parenting educator. He is the creator of six books and gives over 100 presentations a year and appears consistently on television, radio and in print.

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