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I have at all times been aware of my digit one weakness: non-assertiveness. But I have come a long way from the time when I couldn't say 'no' to a child molester and not accepting the magnitude of forceful my parents.

At my first job after high school, I had the misfortune of running for a big name who told me that I could have it all but with no questions asked. He said so obviously that there were women who slept their way up and I could do the same. He then in progress to hold me tightly and was before now investigative all over. I was too stunned to move in the activation but I did try to push him away. Luckily for me, a collateral guard walked into the office.

Some keeper angels must be looking out for me. On both incidents, I could have been a statistic. I didn't have the courage to tell anybody but I made a agree to for my part that if I must ever climb the corporate ladder, I would do it with my brains.

Unfortunately, my parents didn't have the extra money to put me by means of four years of university. I worked as a tutor to three kids all through my tertiary years and with a learning loan, I managed to appearance my grade in newspaper writing with a be with class upper.

I took on the first job that came my way: as a colloquium organizer. Again the same old configuration emerged. For six months my boss didn't be part of the cause to my retirement account. I was not aware that it was unlawful. Then she made me counter calls from all the speakers I had invited to give seminars for payments due to them. She had intentionally delayed paying them for reasons only known to her. I couldn't see a good hope with her, so I quit.

Many of my avenue mates had coupled the newspaper and there was an break for a cub reporter. I got in and was knowledge the ropes beautiful well at the news desk. Six months later, I was transferred to the skin tone desk.

It was all rosy in the first year and as I was in receipt of adapted with the work and all, I gladly took on no matter which that came my way. Not such a smart move really. At whatever time my editor asked for a volunteer for some uninteresting articles, no one would do it. And as I had set the arrangement for being the obliging one, or moderately the one who couldn't say 'no' most of the time, I had to do the assignments. I had never asked for addition of deadlines and I was also the "secretary" who took phone e-mail for the others. When the time came for assessment and salary increments, I was not the favoured staff. After two heartbreaking weeks, I after all plucked up adequate courage to speak to my editor about it. She purely said: "I was happy with your work. All I did was to advise (the increments) but really, it was up to the management to decide!"

Would you stay on with a guide who wouldn't stick up for you? I asked for a assigning to the commerce desk where its editor was a known task master but fair and just.

Six years later, I found for my part in a larger challenge. My five-year old daughter was a victim of a class bully at her kindergarten. From the many books on hounding that I read about, I had gathered that so long as the victims were not coached to be confident and helped to build their self-esteem, the odds of them left behind victims continuous into adulthood.

Since then, I have been frustrating to help my daughter become more intense her self-esteem. One of the many ways I learnt is to teach a child to love herself. Well, we are still functioning on her detection to say: "I love you Mummy. And I love for myself too. "

I knew repeating this hymn would only help for awhile. One sundown compelling all through a heavy transfer I made up a story to entertain my kids. It was about a six-year old girl named Lulu who would do no matter which for her associates for the reason that she sought to be liked by them. Lulu didn't like herself much as she didn't think her kind-heartedness amounted much. "Now, if you were Lulu, do you consider your associates would like you if you didn't like physically in the first place?" I asked my children.

I was bowled over even my two and half year old boy concurrently replied no with his sister.

The story constant with Lulu being asked to pick some fruits from a tree by her friends. As she was climbing up the tree, fiery red ants bit her all over. But since she feared rejection from the others if she quit, she accepted on. When she happening to yank a bunch of fruits from a branch, she inadvertently dropped a beehive onto the ground.

The story ended with Lulu being hospitalized for bee stings but she learnt an haunting class about self-love and being assertive.

Now at whatever time my daughter needs a reminder about self-love, all I need to cite is Lulu.

Pat is a irregular journalist and a protect of two lovely kids. She enjoys inscription and distribution her encounter of being a mother. You can read more of her writings at KlinikOng. com


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