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Every week I write a bit about the stock promote - how to, when to and where to put your money and how to keep it from loss if you do. This week I want to say a touch very critical to the young folks about success. And you parents take note if your kids are still young.

One of these days you are going to adjust from high drill and, hopefully, college. Each one fits the bill here - even if you don't graduate.

A very small percentage of your peers are going to be converted into very successful. Accomplishment in the U. S. is customarily clear as a big name who makes a lot of money; that is our usual yardstick. From your graduating class there will be 2 or 3 who make it big time and 6 or 8 who will do very well. Most of them will end up owning their own businesses. Upon graduation you will have no idea who will be the next Bill Gates, Jack Welch or Burrow Buffett, but he is right there in your old class picture. Just when you need him you have lost acquaintance for so many years that he doubtless won't bear in mind you or want to help you.

People are assets. You can't run any affair lacking their input whether it is muscle, brains or money. You use them and they use you - and there is nil wrong with that. This interaction is what makes the affair world go around.

Wouldn't it have been great if you had kept in commerce with Bill Gates from the time you graduated? As he made strides with his band you might have be converted into one of his key people, but he forgot you existed - and it wasn't his fault. You let him go. Don't dissipate your assets, your people. Here is a logic that will work. No, not right away, but over the years it could by a long way alter your life.

When you adjust take your almanac and have all sign it. Even those you barely know at all. Get their addresses and phone information and emails also. Every year on that graduation date you send out a yearly up date on what you have done for the duration of that year - got married, misrepresented jobs, had a promotion, where you went on vacation, added a new kid to the ancestors or what happened to your dog and your dreams and aspirations if you want to. Own stuff. Ask them how they are doing? Every one is important. Do this every year and do your best to keep the list current. You may want to add others to your list.

Not much will be going on for the duration of the first 10 years, but as a selection of of your old acquaintances start to move up the ladder they will be looking for colonize to help them and you will float up to the top of the list. Mr. Rising Star needs help and he knows where you are and all about what you have been doing. You might be just the one he needs to help launch his ship of state.

People are assets. This kind of investment can certainly pay off.

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