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There are software programs that you can asset to keep your brood from accessing undesirable websites. There are two good ones, Cyber Group and Net Nanny.

There is also software that will conceive a log of all the sites that have been visited by your PC. It allows you to check on the sites your offspring are visiting.

You can also use your Account Fasten on your web browser.

If you are administration Windows 98, you can set-up a "Content Advisor" rating approach to be in charge of how much of Web sites a anyone can view according to it's levels of language, nudity, sex and violence.

To do this, you would go to the 'start' button-- 'settings' -- 'control panel'. Double-click the 'Internet icon', then click the 'Content Tab' and the 'Enable' button.

When you click on the 'Enable' button, you will have to set a boss password. Be sure to write it down anywhere as you will need to type it in every time you alteration the Comfortable Advisor settings.

Select the 'Rating Tab', click on each group and set a rating level. If you choose all categories at 'Level 1', it will bar all admission to the web, aside from the most child-friendly sites. Click 'ok' when you have finished.

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