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The consequence of fathers - parenting


There is no doubt that mothers play an all-important foremost role in the lives of their children. They are the noticeable heroes of child rearing. But what about a father's role? Just how critical are the dads of the world compared to the earsplitting image of mother? My belief is that fathers play just as chief a role as mothers. Different, yes. Perhaps not as nurturing, not as all-sacrificing but just as central in the developmental and emotional well being of a child.

Dads are the solid foundation of our lives. They are the shore we swim to when our arms and legs feel increasingly tired. They are the dilution we rely on as we take our first tentative steps into the world. Dads can be tender, tough, fragile or authoritative but they are maybe the most down-to-earth love we will ever know.

For daughters, Daddy is the first man they adore . . . the first man whose eyes shine with overwhelming incredulity when they look at us. He is the first man to fall in love with us.

For sons, Daddy is the idol they first desire to emulate . . . their mirror image of what will be and maybe the only man they will ever feel comfortable loving.

Daddy is the first man who held us, as a loving parent, with a lump in his throat so huge, only the joy of that love could erase the overwhelming pain of sharp on unexpected raw emotion. I think when a member of the clergy holds his babe baby, he is touched by pure exposure for the first time in his adult life, leave-taking him evermore humbled by the unexplained miracles of life.

For mothers, the member of the clergy of our brood is the one anyone we can trust to watch over our babies as attentively as we would. We are assure in the awareness of their love for our precious offspring. Dad is the only other character in the world as fascinated with every gradation and mumble of our babies. He is the one anyone on the globe with whom we can indulge our need to brag and carry on about our kid's activities and heartaches ad nauseum . . . one who will be just as fascinated and never yawn in the face of our devotion.

Without dads, we wouldn't be moms. I would like to take the liberty of thanking them from all our hearts for this honor and for being our partners in this commerce of raising children.

Know how much you are loved and revered, guys! You are our trusted soldiers and we need you more than you will ever realize.

Copyright - 2000-2004- Rexanne Mancini

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Rexanne Mancini is the protect of two daughters, Fair dealing and Liberty. She is a novelist, casual essayist and maintains an big yet informal parenting and ancestors web site, Rexanne. com. Visit her site for good advice, award-winning Internet anniversary pages and some humor to help you cope. Subscribe to her free newsletter, Rexanne's Web Review, for a monthly dose of Rexanne: http://www. rexanne. com/rwr-archives. html

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