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Nights by a pinocchio lamp - parenting


Sitting by her Pinocchio lamp, she smiled at me as her tiny shadow doll danced on the bedroom wall. "A bunny!" she giggled with all the jubilance of a four-year old. Her blue eyes sparkled with pride as she showed me the active image she had created.

"Daddy, will you show me how to make a tiger?" she asked. "Sure," I said, "and then we'll read a story and tell your angels goodnight. " To my youngest daughter, that meant her bedtime prayer.

Today my daughter is seven, and I no longer get to read the story. She reads it to me, absolute with demonstrating accents for the story characters.

To say I'm proud of our connection would be an understatement. We have communal days of joy as well as tragedy. Our time all together has strengthened the bond of love and distinctive "life stuff" that is all our own.

I am richer for having nurtured the attitude of trust in this gentle barely person; we have grown as one spiritually, erudition much from each other. The exceptional times we spend together, like nights by a Pinocchio lamp, build memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

So it is with all of our relationships. The trust dynamic is vital for relationships to thrive. In time, our "life stuff", atypical for each of us, each bonds into gold or scatters among misplaced priorities.

Think of one of your fondest memories, and you will no doubt find a remarkable affiliation at its concentrate - one with a spiritual class that shines away from from the heart.

Time together, caring acts, and unqualified love build trust. I advise that we each spend ample time with our own "Pinocchio lamps" - those distinctive ways that we desire to care for our relationships.

Relationships take time to develop and maintain. It is not constantly easy, but the consequences are priceless. "Nights by a Pinocchio lamp", everywhere those might be for you, will coin long-term bonds of fair-haired "life stuff", spiritual gifts that no one can take away.

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